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Chiron is the largest asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, I think. It is named for the most famous of the centaurs. He was the only immortal centaur. He became the tutor for a number of famous Greek heroes including: Despite his immortality he was to end up dying.

Heracles stopped to visit Pholus. Heracles was thirsty and persuaded Pholus to open a jar of wine that was the common property of the centaurs. The other centaurs smelled the wine and came running. A fight broke out between Heracles and the centaurs. Chiron took no part in the fight but, was accidentally wounded by Heracles. As an immortal, Chiron could not die but lived in terrible pain. Chiron then chose to trade his life for the release of Prometheus.

He may be the Centaur represented in the constellation Centaurus.

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  • I think Lupin will have Pisces in the 10 house and some powerful and friendly planets in the 11th house of friendships. That would give gemini rising. He is bright, but calm and supportive.

    I hadn't thought of that. I'll get her started on the sort vowels sounds monday morning. First let me admit that I haven't caught up on this thread, yet. I'm fairly amazed at how much interest there is in astrology around these parts! Hope it stays fun. I've been thinking about Lupin.

    If we put the moon in Cancer and the Sun in Pisces, any ideas for the rising sign? And he also need a strong 11th house of friendship. Maybe a stellium in there? And maybe Saturn would go in the sixth house? Or perhaps the 10th house of career. Hard to have a career when one is a werewolf. He was smart, too, so air signs must be well represented, but my guess is he was really low on fire signs.

    I see him as primarily water and air and more mutable than fixed or cardinal, so geminii and pisces are probably strong. If we put geminii in the 11th house of friendship with a nice stellium, maybe mercury, uranus and venus , the 12th house will be Cancer with the Moon. Anything in the twelth house is in a difficult spot, but maybe that's about right.

    That gives us Leo rising.

    Daily horoscope

    I suppose he looks a bit Leo. Let's not encourage it with any planets in the first house, though. Yeah, that Leo rising is sticky. It's actually not a very good placement, except that organisational skills are top notch. And maybe he does need just a bit of Leo's fire to survive at all. Along with personal character, the rising sign can also be reflected in appearance, and while I should look up his description again, just looking at the picture on the back of OotP, the face looks somewhat leonine..

    CoSForums Archive - HP characters and astrology

    I don't know what possessions he has. His existence seems somewhat spartan, and so that could work. Libra goes into the third house of communication. Art, music, symmetry, balance, even some relationships are experienced and expressed through the mind. We could put Jupiter in here to expand on these qualities. This is the first paragraph from Parkers' Astrology, Jupiter in Libra. Here is a kind, sympathetic and charming individual, hospitable and very charitable. There is a natural friendliness and an easy expression of warm affection, and the attitude to life is somewhat laid-back.

    It goes on to discuss negative sides of the placement. Then same book, Jupiter in the third house. This is the Geminii house and has strong connections with the mind. Jupiter is also the planet of the intellect, so Jupiter's influence will enhance the need to exercise the mind, and intellectual challenge will be taken up with the greatest possible enthusiasm. Encourage very careful training, when learning to drive a car, ride a bicycle, motorcycle or horse, since a certain wildness may take over at such times.

    What do you all think?


    Leo january 14 12222 weekly horoscope

    Serpentine, You have amazing patience. I'm interested in the near consensus for Snape sunsign to be Scorpio. Guess I'd better look at that more closely. Seems like you did this very intuitively. What I like about this is how we come to see our own perceptions of each character. What they mean to us and how we feel about them.

    I wouldn't use the all same assignments you did above, but it they give me an idea of how you respond to each character. I wonder if any of this will ever be helpful in working with real charts. Funny thing is, on another thread we've been talking about Alice in Wonderland and how she had to work backwards. Who knew it would extend to astrology? Funny you should say that! I'm a Cancer with the moon in Cancer as well as Mercury.

    Daily horoscope for Wednesday February 28 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

    The intuitiveness is on a crazy level with me.. Yeah, everyone responds to characters differently depending on how they view their morals, values, and qualities. Lupin is my favorite, though. I strongly see him as a Cancer though Whizbang's idea of him in Pisces works as well.

    I find the two signs very much alike. Same with Sirius as a Scorpio. I did think of something else: I'd change my thoughts on Dumbledore. I see him as an Aquarius. He's got many of the qualities of an Aquarius. Let's say moon in Taurus. Thought I detected a cancer moon. Is Pisces prominent in your chart, too?